Monday, 5 November 2012

Poolboy gets his ass royally fucked by an angry young man

Sexy poolboy Andrew Stark isn't watching what he's doing and knocks Jessie Colter (and his phone!) into the pool. Jessie is outraged and demands Andrew make it up to him in Drill My Hole style! A simple mistake leads to a world of pain for poolboy Andrew Stark. Not paying attention to the job in hand, he accidentally knocks Jessie Colter into the swimming pool. Jessie is seriously pissed, and decides to teach the poolboy a lesson that he won't forget. He demands that Andrew makes it up to him in true Drill My Hole style, and Andrew gets a wild ass fucking into the bargain. He's gonna be sore after this anal pounding, that's for sure. See the full video here:
If you've got your dick in your hand and want to see Andrew get the fucking of his life, click here to watch the full video.

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